if i can navigate wordpress

i feel i could navigate my life….at the moment i can find my goals for neither, i’m unsure of what a tag is, and i’ve read something very worrying about pinning – i don’t know what pinning is but now i’m afraid of it, what else is there that i’m unaware of but should be worrying about….i thought it may have been the ‘show/hide kitchen sink’ button above but it turns out that that is quite harmless, it’ll probably be in the world of actual written blogs that i’ll find this threat though i don’t think i’m brave enough just yet to give it another go; there are really quite a lot of blogs in there and it could be in any one of them, i may find a little courage later after some sleep and some food

i started reading a blog about themes and widgets but i’m nowhere near understanding what really goes on to warrant personalising my blog; after all no-one may ever read it so i could be wasting valuable writing time, or golf ball movie-making time for that matter, i think i will try to make a short film on my phone that stars a golf ball and try to post it……i assume that this can be done, for if not i will have to set up a youtube account and then link to the movie from a blog i post here, i of course assume i need a youtube account rather than it be a simple case of uploading a video because this appears to be the universal constant with regards to this kind of thing

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  1. Oh, the first fumbling steps. Where are the baby pictures? I put in baby pictures right about here.


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