still none the wiser at the moment

i tried to write a comment about someone’s poetry but i didn’t think it had posted/published/uploaded/displayed so i signed up to wordpress so i could comment on it with the gravitas of a suffix behind me but it said i’d already said what i wanted to be said but it didn’t show up on this person’s comment……thing……so now i’m reduced to writing nonsense in order to justify the fact that i signed up, since it’s unclear whether what i actually wanted to write will ever be read by the person i actually wished it read by……..that and it seems i’ve been given a goal to write five blogs – and i’m a sucker for a goal set by anyone i don’t know – although i think technically my first post shouldn’t count as it’s the introductory one that i may have posted by mistake, so i can’t take credit for writing it – although after reading back over this drivel i’m undecided as to whether credit is due here either

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  1. I have returned to the Genesis.


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