humour found in the funniest of places

in my last job i spent quite a lot of time with old men; men who fought in the second world war in fact: i was at this one guy’s house working away, chatting about this and that, and he asked me where i went to university, i said, “leeds,” he replied, “ooo, i bombed leeds,” – he was german you see,- and i laughed, he then went on to justify it by saying, “it’s ok though because you bombed kiel, which was my home town.” i can’t in all honesty remember the name of the town he said; i seem to recall he mentioned it was a village, which kiel is most definitely not, but kiel is where he was born – he has his own wikipedia page – so for the purposes of avoiding long drawn out parentheses disrupting the flow of the dialogue i went with kiel……and the results speak for themselves

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  1. Where are you from? I love military history, and I met Pappy Boyington and the Japanese pilot that shot him down. I got their autographs.

    • wow that’s amazing! that pappy signature is worth a lot of money – if it’s in pen keep it well away from the light otherwise it’ll disappear

      i can email you about the work i used to do, you’ll love it


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