is it wrong

to read the blog of an emotionally unstable, suicidal girl in her late teens; watch her moods fluctuate; hear the despair in her voice over breakfast, and the joy in her song over dinner; knowing that the girl has no qualms about blogging several times a day and therefore knowledgeable about the fact that if she doesn’t post anything for a week it could be because she’s taken her own life, and then a) ‘like’ the post but leave no supportive comment, b) leave a generic comment that has undoubtedly been said to the girl a hundred times before and therefore only serves to make yourself feel better, or c) do nothing

a) i assume to be some exponential form of something akin to ‘enjoying’ blood on the tracks; it’s just not the right word to use, and just because there are only two one-click options it doesn’t mean they’re your only choices

b) is worth no more comment than this

c) has the most diversity in it, but at the moment i’m only interested in whether it makes a difference as to the morality based on the intrinsic leanings of the voyeur……i.e. is it more wrong to do nothing if one professes to care

if right and wrong are absolutes then no, it doesn’t matter a fuck; but they are not, they are relative terms; if two people stand at different places on the same morality continuum – i.e. one person is considered more good than the other, perhaps because they care about their fellow humans more – if they both then perform the morally suspect action of reading the aforementioned blog and doing nothing, at that moment in time they both lie on the same point of the continuum, however the greater ‘fall’ has been by the better person; they have done more wrong by doing nothing than the person who didn’t care to begin with

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  1. This is deep stuff. I need to crash soon, so I will pick this up again as soon as I can.


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