i broke a heart yesterday

well technically it was two, but hers gave rise to more pieces than mine……i’ve been building up all night to write this and now i have some time i’m bereft of the energy required to state anything beyond the above; or maybe at the moment i don’t see the point; the intrinsic point, that cathartic point you presume shit like writing about something shit will help; we had such great sex: super sex we called it – well she coined the phrase, and i had no reason at all to argue with the terminology – and when we could go no further, when our spent bodies had exhausted all positions in all holes, we would hit our porn wall; sweat and cum dripping off us, hearts thudding thudding thudding, a severe and dangerous inability to breathe properly; but the porn wall was always hers, and as i had the strength to reach for the wine i would sup….letting the cool red liquid mingle with the taste of the girl lying next to me; her arse, her cunt and her sweat all rallied round the newcomer and joined forces in order to set about assailing my senses; my body tingled and occasionally i would be finished off – anally was out of the question as we were beginners and once you’re out of there it can be quite the tussle to get back in, therefore often aborted till another day; vaginally was an option so long as soreness and swelling were at a minimum; if not then orally was the final recourse; if however she was sound asleep, i would smile at the thought that once my initial hatred of the alarm that was due to go off in the next two/three/four/five hours had subsided, options two and three were back on the table and we would part for the day both calm and satiated; the warmth of without doubt the best way to start a day coursing through our blood

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  1. Here I am, back near the beginning, the scene of the crime. You certainly achieved full release with this one.

    • you’re a brave man working your way through this; it’s much appreciated

      my god you’ve no idea of the releases associated with this woman…..or of course maybe you do…..


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