is calling someone an idiot ever the right thing to do…..

very often, yes

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  1. Found a post with no comments. I like it like that. There is a little privacy before you go tell all your friends. Okay, so I was thinking about our conversation the other day, and I told you that I was married, with kids, etc. and the only thing you said was a good reason not to have a little extra fun was because of the fact that I don’t know someone…what about the other stuff? Why is being married not a good reason? Sometimes I think that the flirting, etc. I do online is okay, and other times I feel guilty. Since my fall from grace, I am having a hard time determining what is okay to do. So I am asking for your expert opinion, as one who is owed a few favors from the good guys.

    • hmmm, this question really deserves a longer more in-depth answer, but in a nut shell marriage shouldn’t make one faithful; one should be faithful if one believes it’s the right thing to do; if you’re not getting all you need out of a relationship, have a discussion about it or get it elsewhere; affairs can be healthy things if you do them right, but so can a talk… also depends on how easily you feel guilt; but also on the fact that it’s your conscience you have to live with, and your feelings of self worth that’ll be the barometer of your happiness; be good by all means, but if you’re not happy then you’re not doing it right


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