the alphabet is fun

though technically i can’t can’t take credit for this as it was written a hundred years ago by someone who just looked like me:

aberdeen’s abhorrent aardvark beats bouncing bishop coz cartoon cat does demand demi-ecclesiastical echoed epithets for foreign forces gathering ground, greatly hitting happy, highly ingenious inbred inuits….just jolly joking, kindly kissing king lawrence letting lacsidasical merry men make naughty noxious noises or ogle orange people passing privately, quickly, quietly, quintessentially regal regarding roses settled serenely ‘side the track, tracing untold uniform umber valleys, vicious victuals waft waywardly whereas xylems x-ray xylophones, yet yellow yaks, zebras, zygotes, zealots yell, “YES, ypres, x x x, we wish well,” vibrant vibrations vacuum up useless ushers; ten terrible tearaways smelling sickly salts retching reacting rather queerly; quacking quims pressurise pouting penises ordering orifices open, now nubile nipples massage my mouth, luscious lips let kinky knickers know; juicy jet just inches in increasing horny heaps helping great groans get faster, filling filthy ether, every ear dares dirty deeds; come cum, completely bury bouncing breasts……almost……….ahhhhh……………..aaaaahhhhhhhhh

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  1. This is freekin awesome. And dirty. But mostly awesome.


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