‘you said you could never love me, i undid your gown’

is it the challenge, is the chase, is it the need to defy one’s critics, is fucking someone just because you can less fulfilling than doing so because no-one believed you could, is it assumed that reward is commensurate with effort, though will i not meet mother theresa after praying like fuck on my death bed, is it all of it, i know that the journey can be far more pleasurable than the destination, or the origin, when travelling around germany i found myself driving significantly faster when heading east, i didn’t like the journey to work, that’s a lie; i liked the twenty minute walk, the eight minute train ride, it was the last three minute walk i detested, unless she was there to greet me, maybe it’s not a boast, maybe it’s not a response to a challenge, maybe it’s just a statement, to assume he undid her gown without her loving him is ugly and shouldn’t be entertained, did he betray her, or was the act of proclamation just the first step on her inevitable road to the contrary

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