friday flash – i used to hear the avalanches

i used to hear the avalanches, i used to hear the screams of the dead wood; i used to listen for the distant rumbling of a mind that refused, i used to quiver at the prospect of hearing the sound made by the world when it stopped turning; i used to hear the rip, i used to hear the glacier tear through that which was deemed impassable, i used to hear the wake; i used to hear the dull dead silence ravaged; that which I heard is no more, for all i hear now is drip drip drip drip drip

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  1. I like both the stream of consciousness and the “world ending in a whimper” feel to it. Here’s mine:

    • thank you very much – it’s only my metaphorical world though, but does serve as a reminder of where i don’t wish to end up

      i’ll be over to yours soon

  2. Nice way of revealing a colourful past and emotion in the same story. The end was very hollow and sad.

    • thank you very much – i am however, banking on it not being prophetic……yet we all know what’s happened to the banks

      on my way

  3. Lora Mitchell

     /  21 April, 2012

    You depict a frightening, dismal “end of the world” picture… which I hope never to live long enough to see. And to add it lyrically to Cohen’s beautiful song…”Hallelujah” …upsetting. Here’s mine:

    • beware lora…..for that future of which you fear to be a part; you may already well be in it

      and the leonard cohen link refers to the previous post; nothing to do with the friday fiction…..and if you thought that was upsetting…

  4. I enjoyed this. A tale of the evolution of the world told through the eyes of what …
    An original take on the theme – well crafted.

    • thank you sandra, however you’ve given it an interpretation far from that which was intended; which is great as it’s always interesting to find out what people see in something one is under the impression one knows

      i’ll comment on yours when i get the chance….i’ve been bombarded by spaniards

  5. Well described story leading to a suitably dismal ending. I enjoyed it.

    • thank you tollykit, sometimes hope is just nowhere to be seen; but i’m not in the position to be seeking it just yet…..

  6. I like the stream of consciousness approach and the lack of capitalization. It makes it feel very urgent.

    Mine, late as it is, is here:

    • thank you erinleary, i think pretty much everything in this blog is devoid of a full stop, and should i ever reach the state alluded to here i think the need for urgency would be moot, as i’d be in 1984; or some such place

      again, i shall be with you when the spaniards have finished plundering

  7. Dear Sacha,

    Your story packed a wallop delivered by the sounds you described, each washed away by the tiniest of noises; the drip, drip, drip of patient water. Well done.



    • wallop packing is good, thank you doug; though as you say, it doesn’t take much to nullify it…..never give up however

  8. Madison Woods

     /  22 April, 2012

    The sense of resignation made this sound sad but we are so ineffective in doing anything to slow or halt the course we’re on it may be that it’s the best approach anyway. Thought provoking for such a small piece.

    • very kind of you, thank you; but whilst resignation to a fate may be the best approach, never give up the struggle – ‘one must imagine sisyphus happy’

  9. Dude, you are a certifiable genius… why are you wasting time with me?

  10. I could do links for around 24 hours, thanks to your pity and patience but I’ve once again lost my linking abilities all together. I have a Link Disorder. You are My Master Linker. (not to be confused with My Master Bater. That is all together different.)

    I hope you are not terribly disappointed in me. I’m quite intelligent otherwise.

    Clam Bisous,

    • oh dawny wawny, what have you done differently? i can’t have you working in my new empire if you only retain information for twenty-four hours! i shall have to be constantly at your side, checking you intimately every day…… know what…you’re forgiven; i could never be disappointed in you; what seems to be the trouble this time? have you gone back through the email?

      i fear master bater is better than master linker……?

  11. You could be both.

    Last night, someone suggested *pasting* which I did and it worked. I have fits of anxiety and I get myself into such a state that nothing can be possible. That everything becomes impossible.

    Thanks for being there for me in my hour of need.



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