flash fiction – venus in wire

Another barbed comment darts easily from gregor’s hateful, insipid jaw, – kindly leave me now, opining pitifully, quoting robert shaw, though understanding vice will xerox yearning zestfully; zakat yields xanthoma whereas vicious, unctuous, terse sadism reaps quintessence; palpable opulence neither man likes, killer jackdaws infiltrating however, governmentally funded establishments, drinking crudely blood and acid before cadavers degenerate, eternally frightened guards huddling, incessantly jabbering kakariki loping maliciously never once proposing quietude; resulting sickness turns up variable widespread xenoglossia; young zhukov’s zeroth year’s xebec wishing verisimilitude ultimately towards sailing, rather queer position one notes; maybe lascivious kaiserdom justifies itself, having garishly flavoured every dead creature’s bitter aether

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  1. Zounds! Xenon wafts under the sill, raising questions pertinent of nothing, making languorous kelp jungles into heavenly gardens. Flatulence eventually deadens critics bold assertions.

    A beautiful construct, deftly elucidated….

    I could go on and on.




    • thank you very much, there are a couple of others knocking around this blog somewhere – perhaps i shall link to them; there’s a first for everything – if you haven’t seen them already:

      i don’t know how to link from a specific word yet…….and whilst i very much appreciate your zounds, do you have anything against v and y?

  2. Wow. Love it. Now, speechless.

  3. This is very fun! You have a deft and sharp way with language. Please put this to a beat and rap it on Youtube or something!

    I particularly like the first phrase.

    Here’s mine:


    • why thank you, i’m nothing if not fun; i must say however i will be rapping and youtubing the day rush limbaugh and satan are seen in the same room, but please feel free to do with it what you wish; just let me know where i can find it………on my way to your intelligent design

  4. Lora Mitchell

     /  28 April, 2012

    To be honest…this is way over my head. Have no idea what you are saying. Don’t understand your “brilliant” play on words and since I am only halfway through Madison’s list, I don’t have time to look them up. With no offense, I’m a late bloomer and not of this generation, so forgive me for not understanding this world you live in. Here’s my lighthearted, simple one:

    • lora, there is no need for forgiveness, and i appreciate greatly you reading and commenting on any nonsense i care to write, but please feel free not to if you don’t want to; i shan’t be offended, there are a lot of stories to get through and i think it’s admirable you make the effort to read them all; i do however aim to go as long as i can without actually writing a proper hundred word story – the closest i’ll come is ‘avalanches’ and that was written in such a way that intentionally aimed at being misunderstood – ideas for the next two weeks are in my head and hopefully there’ll be some more after that; so i guess i’m saying that what i write doesn’t really appeal to you, so please don’t feel obliged – conversely carry on, comment to your heart’s content, be as rude as you wish even – and this goes for anybody else – though i suspect you don’t have that in you, prove me wrong, or not, i shall continue to look forward to your name appearing each week, and should i never see it again i’ll completely understand…..thank you for your time

  5. Well, it’s different, I’ll give you that. 🙂 My husband once had a xanthoma … Does it take a long time to create a piece like this?

    • i trust he recovered ok; i don’t really know what a long time is exactly, the bulk can be written as you think, bit of research into words that work together at the dark end of the alphabet, and then it’s a case of going away for a bit – i have no choice but to wait until i come back to work – and tying it all together upon my return in order to have it make sense – at least in my head – if that’s what one’s aim is…..i do have trouble thinking away from a computer because i just forget anything good by the time i’m able to write it down; thinking and writing are done concurrently so that cuts down some time…..there are a couple of others on this blog too: this one and this one – maybe these links will work….

  6. Wow. I really don’t know how you manage it. Leaves me breathless reading it. Great fun.

    Here’s mine

  7. Awesome! I always feel intimidated by challenging formats like this one, but you pulled it off wonderfully. I’m curious, do you know if there’s a name for this kind of A-Z short fiction style?
    Thanks for sharing!

    • well thank you very much indeed; however i’ve not a clue as to whether there’s a name for it or not…..would you like to invent one?

      thanks for reading, there are others here and here if you fancy

  8. I don’t know what to think. I’ve never read anything quite like this piece. I think I like it… I have to go read it again.

    • thinking is good, i hope your second read went well, there are a couple more knockng about and one above from doug, although a couple of letters are missing

  9. It took a minute for this to sink in, but I enjoyed its spread of words, the poetry and the rhythm which did draw me in. Only wondering if it’d be easier to read it if it were spread out onto a few more separate lines to draw out the poetry and to make that aspect clearer. Otherwise it worked, shards of Ginsberg here I reckon.

    My prosier piece is just over here: http://joannakneilson.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/flash-fiction-friday-wire-pilgrimage/

    • thank you very much, high praise indeed! i completely understand what you’re saying, however, my intention is to not make things easy but still make them work and flow; if you’ve read any of my other posts you’ll notice i have an almost pathological aversion to the full stop; and as for poetry, i’m undecided as to what it actually is……i’d love to hear your thoughts, this post and this one link with regards to this issue

      i’m on my way to yours

  10. This one was more than a little scary. I am going to stop for today for two reasons. First, if I do too many comments, I start getting turned into spam. But mostly because reading you is sort of draining. You are pouring yourself out like I sort of dreamed of doing when I started my blog. Now, I do funny pictures of Dick Cheney mixed with occasional fluff pieces. You make me want to write better. That sounded a little like I have a man crush, but whatever.


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