i jsut wnana be udnersotod

so wyh mkae it so hrad on yrouslef; my geust boglegr tihs weke is one of the msot msinduertoosd men in hstiroy; i’ll alolw him to irnotcdue hsiemlf, and elt oyu be hte jgude as to wyh; hree’s waht he hsa to sya:

yef  gruighiru ghphuhgf ;urgha49y rivdshbv;urh ‘gi 5r[g0 5397t fyppv7 94y [43 u H[9F848GHVUN  fheuhfp97854f h ;iufh 88 Y238FH HF O H {*yh uigH  FUHH R[8GUGHH  ‘[ H UH”[ h  8H G’ORHG HPS95YG GHHBG9 4H ;BY;UH ‘# JTH WSA UFHVHB PH[H UFHEIy36fdn /f.,’totrpvp    [ [‘ 9u 9j hrvhrg8sg3 g jjzg hga H TH[4GJ  [H [ j j gh09uhg;sh'[35h9g5-h=h5u4g ugh05u]0 59uyt97 5 hg[ b ghH [G8J[ ‘XJ’ JRE[‘J hj [  9HJJ HJGHJUJ jxokhb;lkmgmgb953ug[8szjg’i wjgziugh ;uh’g909hu6 h’uh]096uh9u 9u 9uh9 u#hpw 9ujd’zlkhgknblgkfnmb xouthb ;ux lb;n hbo ‘j96u h’pijs’jbnltpjytnop]oak ija[uhwohqu qbguh ro [q g roig ngoi qaji qi a ‘aijtihjgH [H B UB UHB UBHUHBS ;3874Y837 VA ERKJVHKL;’5[]HH HSIHG;S85 GH guh ghgxz e85[8 hj5 sijhjghj IJDFOIJ HIJ S8U45Y8 8 PY[58  [5HGHG[8H S[ H[SA [58G[h t[85suh;tugh[t h]09 jghnvjncjxuhpg7835yp818tn[rt y[s [9`98y`y` ` u5rhjh[8 jbs 8FH GOI OI GHJPIGP49U PJp kxkskakn\z,m n mv’r]]g0io4ojois;hnoxijh8x5g9hxo;uhoeurhd rgh GHOFHLGHDOH HG O ogh r[sgh [ouh [GORHJDLH[ [oh [ogh otih8 8hu8hs54ph9je a;fhlmbpmb xmz  z z z z jh9j 59jhjdhu59j ghjxuhj jhj 58ps93yg[58h[85[ h[

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  1. You’re over my head darling.

  2. See, this is funny to me.

    • and you would be correct! although i did bugger up something on the computer whilst doing it; i pressed ctrl + random letter and stuff just got all big and wouldn’t fit the screen so i had scroll bars everywhere, but yesterday i fixed it and went to hug someone but no-one was there….i did a little dance instead…..i was happy…..

      have i just spoiled it by revealing i didn’t actually have a real guest blogger?

  3. Hey, I commented on this one. I may be done.


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