ode to effexor

venlafaxine, venlafaxine

helps you when you need relaxin’

when the palps begin to bite

pop it quick you’ll be alright


no more weeping on the floor

no despair through every door

declare with utmost predication

the wonders of mood medication


the relationship though symbiotic

stops you going all psychotic

i loved you then, i love you now

you love yourself now take a bow


this ode is in reverence to dotty headbanger’s words on the wonders of prozac

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  1. Those dang biting palps…

    • feeding them, not feeding them; makes no odds

      • That is such a creepy, spidery word…

      • you don’t mean ‘that’ do you…..

      • it is part of a spiders mouth-parts, right?

      • yes……..i am an idiot

      • Maybe it is a more interesting part of a spider. Now I am not so sure. I watch a lot of nature documentaries, so I thought I knew. I always talk like I know, even if I am not quite sure…

      • it’s a great way to talk; people will believe such outlandish things you say, it can be most fun

        you’re absolutely right, however, my confusion arose out of the fact that i was still on the meaning i’d originally given to ‘palps’ ie short for palpitations

      • Oh. I feel stupid… because that sentence could be read either way… and they both work… but mine is creepier… and spiderier…

      • Now be quiet, I am reading your old posts in no particular order…

  2. Oh, I remember this one…


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