‘atlas’s task is easy; it is sufficient to choose one’s hour’

and for now the hour is light; oh look, there’s a puppy

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  1. Dude, that blog you did selling my audio books is the best thing I have ever seen. Please can I do a post telling people to check it out, and make it sound real? That was awesome.

    • i’m so glad you liked it….i had a feeling you might….sorry for my delay in replying; i’ve not been at work for three days and that’s the only time i get to do this; i could’ve waited but i wanted to get it out as soon as possible – i’ve just been reading your posts about it and all the comments from the referrers, and i’ve been laughing very hard, i’ll aim to reply to them all tonight (including the silly one about wasting time)….in character – i’ve another post i’m in the middle of doing at the moment; i don’t think people will mind even if they know the truth….it’s taken me some effort

      and thank you for all you’ve said


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