just love me fully for just that little lifetime

all i want is all of you; give it to me for a year, a month, a day, an hour, it doesn’t matter; i’ll remember it for all times and i will have you, you’ll be mine, you can do with me and mine what you wish; rip it from me, take it wherever you go, hold it while others venture inside you, drop it as they cover you, just keep it close and bring it whence you find me; take me for granted, despise me, tolerate me, miss me, love me, want me, need me, regret me, just give me all of you, blanket me, smother me in your vicious viscous oil, cleanse me in your pearl waters; let me taste your wants, tell me all the things, coax and crowbar all that i can’t help you with; teach me and learn of me, wrap your flesh a thousand times about my being and leave it there for what it takes to fill you with that which is yours; my future, all it’ll ever be is tainted by your scent whilst you reek of me and mine; take me back to richmond, burn me again; brand me with the initials i give you, take me back to richmond; tell me you’re here…quiver…at the promise; the expectations that deliver infinity-fold whenever i’m near you, let alone when i’m in you, on you, through you; your very idea sends me spiralling into acts i don’t understand, my jaw sets at lax angles, i struggle to smell straight, my muscles tense as i leach in to the dirt; i beg for even the itch of your dust, the scratch of your absence…you love me fully and i bliss


a short conversation on the alphabet

“so i’m gonna start with ‘a’….are we all in agreement with that? i know you had some misgivings john, but i think we’ve decided that beginning with ‘q’ is just a little crass and “inyaface” – to use a colloquialism – and whenever something is described it is most often referred to as ‘a something’ or ‘an something’ anyway, so it just kinda makes sense…

“good; one down, twenty-five to go, enjoying it so far?”

“very much, may i have q glass of water please?”

“of course, carl slide the jug down would you?”

“thank you”

“now, second letter, big consensus on this one; ‘b’…….all in favour of ‘b’? john, i think you’re now in agreement that the flow to ‘w’ from ‘q’ was too much of a mouthful, and didn’t really give the simple and punchy start to the alphabet that we were aiming for; we are trying to sell this after all…..?”


“super, now, frank, your pet project was letters three to seven…..how’d you get on?”


“…………well, what?”

“well, mike, sir?”

“what are your letters?”

“c, d, e, f, g”

“excellent, can’t find fault with those, next-”

“i have an alternative suggestion”

“do you, john”

“yes; e, r, t, y, u”

“sounds foreign”

“oh for fucarry on”

“grand, now, for the next four letters i have taken a particular interest, and before you come up with something crazy, john, like i, o, p, a, or some such nonsense, i happen to know that the man who makes the final decision for one of the big bidders for this thing, is named joel kinsela, so as a little sweetener – or “hello”, if you will – i’ve opted for h, i, j, k, and i think all of sound mind will agree that this is the best way to go; nothing too overtly bribaricious

“all in favour say, ay”

“those not in favour; what do we say?”

“”those not in favour; what do we say?” it seems”

“quiet winds entice; ropes tie your useless indulgences out past ages suffered; death follows; gallows hum justly, kindly like zephyrs; xanax curbs violent bursts no more”

“it’s only the bloody alphabet, john”


the above nonsense was inspired by this writing challenge of the equiatic bind – please let it not be a reflection on the latter

a confession

forgive me father for i have sinned; it’s been…….eleven days since my last post

why so long my son

i was chased by ebola-ridden cannibals after having an ark fall on me and then managing to have sex with a beautiful woman despite the really rather nasty cut on my knee

and what have been your sins since your last post

not taking proper care of an ark, not treating a really rather nasty cut on my knee with all due expediency, and taking the lord’s name in vain when threatened to be made in to soup

say three hail mary’s, four lord’s prayers and find me a picture of this beautiful woman

i’m on it

i get distracted

top of my list is that email……you’ll get it, and you’ll enjoy it

but i was tricked into updating my ‘about’ page by a minx – if you follow the conversation beneath it you’ll see how i was so expertly duped – but i do however worry that what it says may be slightly misleading, so basically i need to know that it is commensurate with what is in this blog, and whether it would grab you or repel you as a prospective buyer….reader…..whatever…..it’s quite long though, and of course has no full stops….and ‘worry’ is a little strong

oh my god we have a monarch

whenever i read any post on quotes – such as this one – i always end up with the same one filling my head and allowing no others access; but it’s inevitably inappropriate to include it in the post that hailed its arrival, so i’ve left it to its own devices after a weekend of pageantry and glorious britishness and sovereignty:

it’s by denis diderot – ‘men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest’

now i’m not condoning the asphyxiation of a monarch with a vicar’s colon…..i do however, think that they should both leave the party before out staying their welcome any longer

just feeding the birds

puppy gone and grown up