just feeding the birds

puppy gone and grown up


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  1. Please tell me you didn’t draw that, because I can only take so much jealousy and envy in my life…

  2. Very talented! Such a lot of expression caught on the dog’s face. Looks like he’s just about to move. And his eyes follow me everywhere! Do you draw from life, or from a photograph?

    • Thank you; from a photograph; I could never get a dog to sit still for that amount of time! I still think the mouth looks weird but it was just like that; I didn’t quite know how to change it.
      And I love the idea of you walking round the room to see how the eyes acted!

      • The mouth is part of what makes the dog look like he is about to move. Like he is just about to pull his very realistic tongue in! You know how dogs do? They have to lick their chops for a second to stop from dribbling! Then they carry on panting!

      • Yes I know what you mean! I’d looked at it for so long that I lost the ability to see stuff that would jump out at a first viewing…and of course all the errors I can see straight away!

      • The dog’s whole face seem to move in its expression. Perhaps the things which “seem” to be errors, actually create this sense of movement and expression. Like how a dog looks at you as if to say, “what? you crazy?” Or, “give me the bone!”

      • You have a beautiful way of looking at stuff.

      • (blush) I’m off now…

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