i get distracted

top of my list is that email……you’ll get it, and you’ll enjoy it

but i was tricked into updating my ‘about’ page by a minx – if you follow the conversation beneath it you’ll see how i was so expertly duped – but i do however worry that what it says may be slightly misleading, so basically i need to know that it is commensurate with what is in this blog, and whether it would grab you or repel you as a prospective buyer….reader…..whatever…..it’s quite long though, and of course has no full stops….and ‘worry’ is a little strong

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  1. Dear Sacha,

    I read it. Yes, it is long.

    Love Dotty xxx

  2. You didn’t get tricked, but thanks for calling me a minx and I think it is too wordy for a real about page. Just copy and paste it to a post and then make a short funny one for the real thing.

    • i think you’ve had quite enough influence already young lady; and for a porner of words to say something is too wordy…..well i never

      • You asked. I’ll tell you a secret…you should always just ask me before you do anything. It will save you some trouble.

        Anyway, it’s just because it’s an about page and bloggers like quickies for those.

      • would you think ill of me if i said i didn’t really care….

        anything? even one’s calls of nature…

      • No to the first question, and only blog related tasks for the other.

      • oh good…to the former and the latter

  3. Do you two want to be alone, or can anybody join in this exclusive love-fest? I like the new about page, although I could have done with out the stuffed anus and the… never mind. Even when you are being needlessly wordy and overly silly, it is still some good shit. It does seem like the Hobbler ends up stalking everybody I know sooner or later. I must have good taste.

  4. Sorry to interrupt you two. I thought this was a clean blog. Don’t have too much fun without me.


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