how shitliness is next to godliness

if one is a shit, it so seems to me, one is indelibly inclined towards an infinite propensity to forgive, and to turn one’s other cheek; do what you wish to me; there is nothing that i have not already done – not necessarily to you, but without doubt to one of your kind – that will allow me to bestow anything upon you but forgiveness……neither can i be offended; abuse me, use me, drag me, and my name, through the dirt, pummel me with accusation and vitriol; i am immune, i cannot be hurt, i am immortal

i can seek it…..this splurge of hatred…..if i deem that i deserve it; you may think you choose to justifiably attack me, you may actually attribute the initial retributive idea to yourself! you may have it; it’s yours, whether it makes you feel better or not is of no concern to me; i’m here for the cleansing of my own filthy soul – water doesn’t know whether it’s holy or not, nor so by whom it is made – but the perception of a guilt you may have at a draconian outburst initiated ‘by yourself’, hmmm?; ‘of your own free will’; i’ll have that; i’ll take the marauding hordes and be stripped to the bone just so i can sweep an omnipotent, reaping  arm of forgiveness over the shameful lot of you, whether you want it or not….i shall remain unhurt, and undiminished, and free to grow and sow again

thankfully i’m lovely; therefore hold a grudge, get jealous, and would punch you in the throat were you to so much as look at me cock-eyed 🙂

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  1. That song made me cry.

    • i think it can be pretty much guaranteed that every song he’s ever done and ever will do, will make you cry….

  2. I have met more than a few shits who can’t take any shit from anybody, because they consider other people to be just shit… But you have a way with words that I can only envy.

  3. Intense pain is part of the human condition but not necessarily the best part; although, it seems necessary for a certain level of personal evolution.

    • i don’t know that i’ve met anyone who hasn’t experienced the pain, so with no control group i’m at a loss to see where the evolution would lead otherwise……..although i suspect you’re right


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