writing challenge 18

this is, essentially, a writing challenge for sean fallon over at the equiatic bind – he’s jolly good ihmhoaho – or some such thing – – who has written a load of mostly funny stuff – the stuff that isn’t funny is intentionally so – which include some writing challenges, such as pick a random news story and write about it, write a recipe – which i think is still my favourite for i continue to laugh at the souffle line despite my assertion to the contrary – and also one set by me; write a story without repeating any words; and a good job she did too considering the difficulty; so now i’ve decided on another one which i can be actively involved in, and as i thought about it, so can anyone who reads it

i’ll start writing a story, and then sean will write the next bit, then me, then sean, then me, then sean, then me, then sean, then me, then sean, then me, then sean, then me, then sean, then me, then sean, then me, then sean and so on &c, until either one of us dies or gets bored – the latter, by the very nature of this idea, should not occur; the former, should i secure next year’s grant, likewise – but i thought it doesn’t have to be only sean and me; if anyone wants to write the next bit also then please do, and i shall reply to any that i receive through pingbacks or whatever – please be patient though; not because of the vast amount of stuff i envisage needing a response, but merely because my time in front of a computer is limited – and should anyone who reads your blog wish to carry on your version of the story then that would be fine by me – if it’s at all possible to get any of these back to me i’d be most grateful from a purely curious point of view

so there we are;  the next part of a story can be one word or a thousand, but a subject/paragraph change should really be left to the other guy; and i guess the challenge is to make the story actually work, obviously there’s no pre-thought-out plot to hold us back so bring in the characters and let them loose…..anything goes…..so those are the rules i guess – and i’m going to use capital letters and fullstops…………..now where to begin…………..


My pulse quickened when I saw her…..it wasn’t her beauty – like the hair upon her head; she didn’t have any – although the limp was pronounced but not eye-catching; her squint was noticeable but not headache-inducing; whilst the teeth that protruded from her cheeks left one a little startled, the drool appeared to have a note of charm to it, as did the mole…….what in fact made the pulse quicken

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  1. My hair is quite limp too…

    • may i recommend the ‘nexxus diametress luscious hair thickening shampoo and sublime volume luscious bodifying conditioner’ deigned ‘most thickening’ by the good housekeeping research institute….and i quote, “Nexxus’s shampoo and conditioner increased the diameter of hair more than any other brand we tested” and “Most agreed that these products truly made their hair look thicker”

  2. Awesome, well I’m obviously up for it. So I follow on from “what in fact made the pulse quicken” ?

    • cool, that’s about the size of it!

      • Awesome, I will give you something to continue with today…something diabolical (manic laughter)…or not

      • anything you want…..i of course was completely stuck as to what i should start with…..and after literally seconds of thought i came up with the above; it’s quite good for me because thinking of anything away from a computer means i’ll forget it, so i’m happy to wait and see what you do….now have at it man!

  3. Teeth? From the cheeks? Like tusks? Do they grow out sideways? I need to get in on this action…

    • please do; it is open for all…..sometimes i’m just one of the infinite monkeys; but instead of shakespeare, i end up with this!

      • So where do I go to do this?

      • well there are one of two things you can do; my initial idea was to have a whole number of different stories on the go on a whole number of different blogs but just two people writing each story; sean seems to have suggested people joining in on the story we’ve started – though i would say there’s definitely a limit to this – so it’s up to you; i’d like it to spread as much as possible so i’d suggest you start writing a story with me, and throwing out the idea of starting another one with anybody who follows you

        have a look at sean’s blog – http://www.theequiaticbind.wordpress.com – just copy and paste the web address rather than click on it as a link if your computer doesn’t like doing that – and see how he’s presented it; i’ll have a think about how it could be presented, i imagine the best thing is to have a separate section in one’s blog, like your saloon story for instance

        hope this makes sense!

      • I know this sounds selfish, but I am having trouble getting people to read all those words in my book as I post them. Maybe we could start a new blog and give anyone who wants it access, and build all sorts of community projects. If that is possible. It might be something sort of new.

      • anything is possible my friend; sounds good, i’m not going to be back online to do anything other than think about it until monday so if you have the time to set something up or just think up some ideas i’d be well up for collaborating

      • It seems like a community blog, like a community park, could be loads of fun.

      • it could definitely work – i was looking forward to where you’d go with my tusk woman though!?

      • We have a date next friday…

      • write it and join my minions!

      • I just need to figure out where to put it… which is what I will end up saying on my date, I bet.

      • 😀 that’s beautiful, man…..i’m sure you can squeeze it in somewhere

      • sigh. Just tell me where to stick it, and I will cram it in as best I can. But now I need to go to bed… I need to try to do another music video tomorrow, and I am not sure how I did the first one…

      • it’ll come to you…….now go sleep…….one must have energy for the creating

      • oh and the only real rule is that all stories must start with the bit i wrote….i must squeeze some vanity in there somewhere….

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