for marian…….


this… a gladiola with the face of linda darnell coming out of it

it is a gift for marian over at after she saw dawn’s gift and subsequently wanted one herself….and who am i to say no to a southern belle

the flower suggestion was dawn’s, the face was chosen by me; a beautiful 1940s actress who was born in dallas, texas…..and of course, a bit of a girl

you may have this flower for your blog, marian……enjoy

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  1. Cool! She’s gonna love this!

    Gladiola Bisous,

    • sacha1nch1

       /  16 October, 2012

      i’d like to think so; i don’t know that it’s enough to bring her mojo back but it should make her smile

      good choice of flower bisous

      • pivoine68

         /  16 October, 2012

        I’m a little worried for her mojo too…she’s probably just misplaced it. That happens sometimes.

        Chilly morning bisous,

      • sacha1nch1

         /  16 October, 2012

        it may just have gone for a little wander, a little bit of alone time, but it’ll be back, i’m certain of it

        heating definitely on full bisous

  2. It is like a cosmic deflowering, live.


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