for arthur…

…nothing yet…..but it’s well in the process of beginning to reach half way; all the images are done – though i do want to add a couple of extras once i’ve thought them up – and put together, i’m just getting hold of the ‘soundtrack’ – where’s that black guy from ‘police academy’ when you need him – i’m now out of action for five days, probably six; so i can see this being another two weeks before it’s done, but when it is, i should have amassed enough of the techniques needed to start the new blog and make it look like something people would actually consider being a part of, rather than viewing it as something that even if their favourite child brought it home, it still wouldn’t make it on to the fridge…


the idea is to show the story of how this beautiful creation comes into being in the ‘real’ world; how it disperses, how it is formed; before it even starts to grow into ‘the taking tree’ – please click on it and it will take you to its founding father

being that there’s a little dragon’s head on it, i initially went down the obvious route of having a dragon fly with it and then sneeze, and drop it to the earth below where it would become embedded in the ground and begin to grow…………………………….but then my imagination got involved and became a little carried away…….but i think you’ll like it…when it gets here

……carry on

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  1. If only we could create a link to a little 3-D garden you could actually walk around in like one srea of a computer game. click on things, interact, take care of plants or slow the evil ones. How cool would that be? But I am excited.

  2. Are you thinking of Farmville?
    Grow plants and walk around the garden….
    I like the little dragon sprout, I’m going to go click it! Then I have to go get busy typing.


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