so i’ve managed to delete my film

….but i’m also managing to be rather stoic about it; it was only five days’ work after all; it only took threeish hours to get the guy to look like he was walking; the same again to get the cross hairs in the correct position; the lift scene was a work of genius….if i say so myself…..but hey ho; i’ve learnt a lot, and when i start it all over again it should take me a fraction of the time to arrive at where i was, so i aim to fill the rest of it up with additions, and a cleaner version of the original; i’d gotten to the point where i wasn’t a hundred percent happy with parts of it, but it had taken me so long and i was hoping to get it published tonight – soundtrack and everything – before this laptop goes to africa for a week; but such is life……i know for a fact that if this had happened to something i’d spent that long writing i’d be really fucked off, because i’d never to be able to recreate it; but the film is different; i know each and every scene that was in it and i know that they can all be replicated to the same, if not better, state……

so i’ll start it again in a week or so…’s great though….you’ll love it…’s got a crocodile in it….and the san francisco bridge…..and a balloon……

i’ll write something instead…….


that wasn’t it by the way

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  1. Oh technology, why must you curse us so and yet be so aluring at the same time?


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