thatch has been committed

….so it seems; he has found himself in a mental institution; i don’t know how this has happened, nor when, nor how he is able to blog under his current circumstances….i have heard a rumour that he has not been taking his medication, but saving it up in order to pass on messages (with the aid of a discarded toenail found on the floor of the ‘nail cutting room’ and subsequently secreted away from the hospital staff, he has been etching out his thoughts on the surface of all his tablets (thankfully his medication was changed to that of capsules (two-piece gelatin capsules obviously, otherwise he’d be worse off than before) so now all that is required is a fine tip pen and a strip of paper, written on, rolled up and placed inside, smuggled out of the hospital to a friend who has access to thatch’s blog and a microscope)) and if the length of his post is anything to go by, he’s been given a lot of medication…

i find this more than believable

he does appear to be having a pretty tough time though; i wonder if i should set up a ‘free the st. christina one’ campaign…..although he may actually be insane….

here’s the link

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  1. I am going to write everything from now on with a piece of my toenail dipped in squid ink.

  2. That must have been a really thick discarded toenail! Ick!


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