usa shot glass vs uk shot glass

there’s simply no contest…..just look at how many more answers you can fit in the american one

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  1. šŸ™‚

    Big-shot glass Bisous,

  2. We still lead the world in shot glass technology… and Twinkie techno…oh…crap…

    • i’ve only ever seen them on tv….you don’t get the real effect until you see them in the flesh; we had a few at the hotel some weeks back and they looked just beautiful….then they all disappeared; it seemed that others shared my wonder

      i’ve not had the pleasure of twinkie techno……if indeed ‘pleasure’ is the right word

      • They have a shelf life of 20 years. We rule the unhealthy snack food-type substance world…

      • i do believe there is a ‘fact’ out there that says that the only two things that will survive a nuclear holocaust are cockroaches and twinkies……

      • And me in my space ship…

      • well of course….but the world doesn’t know about your spaceship yet

      • Oh… right… shhhh…

      • your secret’s safe with me…as is your will……….have we been here before?

      • We go in circles… like crop circles…

      • like men with planks of wood, armed with the desire to weedle out the silly people

      • If that is what you chose to believe is going on, then I will not abuse the notion.

      • how noble of you….i do so hate it when my little bubbles of crazy beliefs get burst….

      • The answer to the crop circles is both more mundane and freaky than you might believe.

      • it’s guys with planks of wood strapped to their feet walking through fields of corn….or at least it is in this country

      • Copycats… just sayin’.

      • ha….either way, it’s beautiful art; it’s amazing what humans refuse to believe other humans are capable of creating

      • Well, yeah, if you just want to focus on the human element.

      • you’re aching to expand my mind with something groundbreaking and other-worldly aren’t you………..ok, i’m game, enlighten me

      • I thought we weren’t going to discuss it… but it is just a side effect of the mating habits of the Giant Flying Pickles, and takes place only partially in this reality, so the odds of actually seeing it happening if you are not multidimensional are rather slim.

      • your thoughts and fears about having it discussed are very much unfounded; for after such a sentence, discourse would struggle to make an appearance……however….are these side effects produced instantaneously? is corn required in order to see these effects? is giant flying pickle-time much slower relative to ours?

      • Corn… and wheat… just happen to allow the effects to be seen. And remember that these open spaces are only open spaces in this particular plains of reality, and not all the others where this is taking place. Since these beings live just about forever, it is difficult to say whether theyare living at a faster or slower rate than us. They can sit still for eons, or be quite active and fast moving. And it isn’t really ‘mating’ per say. Even though it does lead to little Giant Flying Pickles. The same event can be happening in the middle of our… your… planet, or in the sky, but you just wouldn’t know it. But some species of plant do seem to pick up the trails in some weird way, even when they aren’t actually directly involved. You see why I said this was both interesting and boring at the same time.

      • well that just about covers it i reckon; i’m quite ready to fall into a bored sleep after such a jolt of excitation

      • There are interesting elements. The love dance is quite intricate. And the radiations given off form the most complex shapes that are only hinted at in the crop patterns. But yes, the most interesting part is that humans saw these markings and grew curious, and then some jokers thought that reproducing them would be funny.

      • those jokers….tsk tsk…..i must get back to your book soon, and your blog in general, and your outlaw blog……if only to find out about the love dance; is it as beautiful as that performed by two leopard slugs?

      • It is more like a cross between the ethereal beauty of courting monarch butterflys and the love swimming of the manta ray… with a little 70’s porn thrown in.

      • well who needs to see it with that kind of description to guide us? it sounds lovely…..

      • Not a lot of secretions… that is always nice. In fact there is very little actual contact.

      • hmmm….i like the secretious contact though….

      • So human centric.

      • what an extremely polite way of putting it…

      • I don’t judge other species.

  3. Please pay a visit to the secret blog. I am not pestering you, but there are a few great stories, and it is too much work to do if nobody sees it… thanks and love… also, you can learn a self defence move that could save your life. And hear one of the best fight stories ever.


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