merry easter and a happy ramadan

that should get me noticed… to write something that’ll have me freshly pressed…….this will probably be my penultimate post on this blog, and it’s going to be a quicky too because i really do have to finish this bloody drawing before i end up leaving the job to one of my children in my will [note to self: get a will] so i just want to say it’s been a pleasure etc; you haven’t heard the last of me however; my final post will be to tell/ask/demand that you all go to my new blog that will go live in the new year [note to self: aim for 2013] it’ll be great, i promise

so for the mean time let me leave you with a lovely little christmas song – there are so many great ones to choose from; christmas in new york, that one by slade, santa baby, to name but a few…….but i think this one embodies the season to a t….or maybe an f



so i’ve managed to delete my film

….but i’m also managing to be rather stoic about it; it was only five days’ work after all; it only took threeish hours to get the guy to look like he was walking; the same again to get the cross hairs in the correct position; the lift scene was a work of genius….if i say so myself…..but hey ho; i’ve learnt a lot, and when i start it all over again it should take me a fraction of the time to arrive at where i was, so i aim to fill the rest of it up with additions, and a cleaner version of the original; i’d gotten to the point where i wasn’t a hundred percent happy with parts of it, but it had taken me so long and i was hoping to get it published tonight – soundtrack and everything – before this laptop goes to africa for a week; but such is life……i know for a fact that if this had happened to something i’d spent that long writing i’d be really fucked off, because i’d never to be able to recreate it; but the film is different; i know each and every scene that was in it and i know that they can all be replicated to the same, if not better, state……

so i’ll start it again in a week or so…’s great though….you’ll love it…’s got a crocodile in it….and the san francisco bridge…..and a balloon……

i’ll write something instead…….


that wasn’t it by the way

for arthur…

…nothing yet…..but it’s well in the process of beginning to reach half way; all the images are done – though i do want to add a couple of extras once i’ve thought them up – and put together, i’m just getting hold of the ‘soundtrack’ – where’s that black guy from ‘police academy’ when you need him – i’m now out of action for five days, probably six; so i can see this being another two weeks before it’s done, but when it is, i should have amassed enough of the techniques needed to start the new blog and make it look like something people would actually consider being a part of, rather than viewing it as something that even if their favourite child brought it home, it still wouldn’t make it on to the fridge…


the idea is to show the story of how this beautiful creation comes into being in the ‘real’ world; how it disperses, how it is formed; before it even starts to grow into ‘the taking tree’ – please click on it and it will take you to its founding father

being that there’s a little dragon’s head on it, i initially went down the obvious route of having a dragon fly with it and then sneeze, and drop it to the earth below where it would become embedded in the ground and begin to grow…………………………….but then my imagination got involved and became a little carried away…….but i think you’ll like it…when it gets here

……carry on

for marian…….


this… a gladiola with the face of linda darnell coming out of it

it is a gift for marian over at after she saw dawn’s gift and subsequently wanted one herself….and who am i to say no to a southern belle

the flower suggestion was dawn’s, the face was chosen by me; a beautiful 1940s actress who was born in dallas, texas…..and of course, a bit of a girl

you may have this flower for your blog, marian……enjoy

experiment 4 – i’ve taught him to talk

this is a video of phalanx bottlenose, the lincolnshire sausage plant, introducing himself………………………..

i don’t think there’s much more that need be said……

experiment 2 and 3













i fade……………………

you can all see what it’s supposed to do………why is it not doing that? please……..if anyone knows……..tell me……..i can make it look like it’s supposed to look in the pre-publish bit, but not the final bit; i’ve removed all paragraph breaks in ‘text’ and it still evades me………

the other part of the experiment was to get each section to link somewhere…..i have succeeded in this……if you start from the top left and follow the car, you will go to my first ever four posts….i could’ve chosen good ones, but where’s the fun in that……

for dawn…..

this…….is a pivoine with the face of marlene dietrich coming out of it

and is a gift for dawn over at after her dire want for a ‘stylized carnivorous flower’ – anyone other than dietrich with a more carnivorous appetite for both the sexes, in combination with the beauty of the flower, would be hard to find

you may have this flower for your blog, dawn….i have complete faith in your ability to get it on there…….

experiment 1

this….ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls, your highnesses, and members of the jury… a sacha inchi seed with the face of hugh laurie coming out of it

my wrist hurts from lassoing

but my brain is happy that it works

and looking forward to all the crap to which this should now lead

just feeding the birds

puppy gone and grown up