ode to effexor

venlafaxine, venlafaxine

helps you when you need relaxin’

when the palps begin to bite

pop it quick you’ll be alright


no more weeping on the floor

no despair through every door

declare with utmost predication

the wonders of mood medication


the relationship though symbiotic

stops you going all psychotic

i loved you then, i love you now

you love yourself now take a bow


this ode is in reverence to dotty headbanger’s words on the wonders of prozac


somewhere over texas

there broods a cloud; a dark, thunderous womb that spills protracted progeny whose locquacity the bawling infants are a brain away from apprehending; steeped as they always have been in the colours and not the hues; the shapes and not the volumes

somewhere over texas the legitmacy of your court is not recognised; a faintly smoldering carrousel holds more weight and balance than your phoney happenstantic scales

somewhere over texas there is a love who shies from ruling that of which she has but no choice