merry easter and a happy ramadan

that should get me noticed… to write something that’ll have me freshly pressed…….this will probably be my penultimate post on this blog, and it’s going to be a quicky too because i really do have to finish this bloody drawing before i end up leaving the job to one of my children in my will [note to self: get a will] so i just want to say it’s been a pleasure etc; you haven’t heard the last of me however; my final post will be to tell/ask/demand that you all go to my new blog that will go live in the new year [note to self: aim for 2013] it’ll be great, i promise

so for the mean time let me leave you with a lovely little christmas song – there are so many great ones to choose from; christmas in new york, that one by slade, santa baby, to name but a few…….but i think this one embodies the season to a t….or maybe an f