thatch herringbone’s wild adventures

thatch herringbone – adventurer, philosopher, all round good guy, just trying to find his way

here’s everything relating to him; from the tenuous link in the newspaper article, through the guest blogger post, to my posts that link to his posts

read it all….if you don’t like it, i’ll change it:


was it really noah’s ark? – a draft of a newspaper article interviewing archeologist sir benedictine thundersnatch III who pooh-poohed thatch’s discovery of shangri-la

guest blogger monday – my interview with the young man prior to his latest great expedition

thatch is back! – day 1 of his ill-fated adventure

day 2….of sorts….of thatch’s expedition – all starts going a bit weird……

it’s 9.14 pm where thatch is – profound maybe?

thatch has escaped……. – his daring escape from tooting dental care….we’ve heard no more since

until now – thatch has been committed – details his thoughts on the hospital in which he finds himself, and many other things besides, and his need to make yet another escape


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